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The City of Lights Master Community (or COL in short) refers to the mixed-use real estate community which includes Marina Bay 1&2, Sigma 1&2, Hydra Avenue C4, C5 & C6, Horizon E1& E2, Omega & Addax Tower, Reem Island, Abu Dhabi, UAE.

The Marina Square Master Community (or MSMC in short) refers to the mixed-use real estate community developed and owned by Tamouh, known as Marina Square, Reem Island, Abu Dhabi, UAE. The community includes 13 residential buildings, 1 commercial building, 24 townhouses, 7 villas, a mall with Marina and a hotel plot construction.


Master Community Rules

Yes, the Master Community Rules serves as a guide for all residents/visitors/guests in the community. The rules can be downloaded from the community portal or you may request a copy from the community management office.

This set of rules is not meant to be exhaustive but rather to assist you in moving in and setting up your new home comfortably and effortlessly. These rules are introduced to govern the interest of all residents/visitors by regulating the use of the Shared Facilities and promoting good community living.

We will send out periodic updates on any changes that have been carried out to the Master Community Rules. 

Please try to solve the problem amicably with your neighbour. The vast majority of disputes can be settled courteously and reasonably without the involvement of the Master Community Manager. 

If the problem is unable to be resolved amicably, please read the Master Community Rules and identify and document the rules your neighbour is violating. Provide this information in writing with dates and times to the Master Community Manager requesting assistance in remedying the contraventions. We will look into the case and advice you accordingly.


Water, Electricity, Gas, Telecommunications and Chilled Water (District Cooling AC). 

The application methods are as follows: 
For Water & Electricity – We may apply for ADDC connection request at the time of issuing Tawtheeq for the new move in (Only for individual tenant/Private companies). However, it’s the tenant responsibility to follow up with ADDC for the actual connection. 
For Telecommunications – Apply for a new connection/transfer of account directly with Etisalat. 
For Chilled Water (AC) – The transfer of account application is through Kingfield Community Office at the time of shifting 
Note: All applicable charges/deposits are payable directly to the respective utility provider, except the chilled water, which can be paid to Kingfield Energy. 

The chilled water consumption charges will be charged to the registered tenant. Any other agreement should be agreed between the landlord and the tenant. A written communication regarding the same should be sent to Kingfield. We advise all tenants to address this point clearly with their landlords before entering into any tenancy contract. This is to avoid any disconnection of supply due to non-payment. 

Inquiries about your Capacity or Chilled Water are to be addressed with you Metering Service Provider (MSP) Kingfield Energy: https://utilities.orionteki.com/

The chilled water Annual Capacity charges is an amount billed yearly to the owners. It covers the overall infrastructure cost of the chilled water plant and network in City of Lights and Marina Square, as well as the on-going operation and maintenance costs for the plant and network. This has nothing to do with the actual consumption, which is a meter-based charges. 

Effective from March 2020, ADNOC’s appointed service provider for Natural Gas in City of Light is Royal Gas. For new connections, please email newconnection@royalgas.com    

 For Other services (metering, billing and all other inquiries), please email: support.ad@royalgas.ae, info.ad@royalgas.ae    

 Or contact them at +971-2-6323236  Emergency – 800RGGAS (800-74427)

Bottled gas is not allowed as per Abu Dhabi Civil Defense’s instructions. However, electronic cooker is allowed. 

Yes. Safety systems such as gas detectors and security valves are installed in the network and on each unit. Regular servicing and maintenance of the network is also covered by the Community Charge. 

Car Parking

Each owner is only granted an exclusive use right of a specific (numbered) car parking bay.

Yes. There are available car spaces for lease in some developments.  You can email the community management office to receive the details for your building

Only one parking access card will be issued for each apartment/parking lot

Please inform the security guard at the building reception counter or the patrolling guard immediately. They will contact the violator and/or issue a temporary alternative. 

There are designated loading/unloading points located for each building. You may ask the security guards for the area nearest to your building. 

Yes, you may contact Kenzie’s Car Wash on: 
600 56 56 93 Info@kenzieclean.ae 055 270 9113 


Under the Master Community Rules and the Master Community Declaration, pets are not allowed in the community and/or recreational facilities and/or areas (e.g. gymnasiums, function rooms) and/or swimming pools in the Shared Facilities. 

Use of Shared Facilities

The following facilities are available: 

Gymnasiums: (Open 7 days a week from 6:00 AM till 10 PM) 
Ladies Timing are from 12 noon till 2 PM (Sunday-Thursday) 


  • Hydra Avenue – PD Level
  • Marina Bay 1 – 2nd Floor
  • Sigma – Level 7, Omega Tower
  •  Horizon – Level 6

Swimming Pools: (Open 7 days a week from 6:00 AM till 10:00 PM) 


  • Hydra Avenue – 1 Swimming Pool and 2 Kids Pool – Level PD
  • Marina Bay 1&2 – 1 Swimming Pool, 1 Jacuzzi and 1 Kids Pool  – Level 6
  • Sigma 1&2 – 1 Swimming Pool, 1 Jacuzzi and 1 Kids Pool – Level 8
  • Horizon Tower – 1 Swimming Pool – Level 6

Kids Playground: (Open 7 days a week from 6:00 AM to 10:00 PM)


  • Hydra Avenue PD Level 

Function Rooms: (Available for booking at Community Portal) 


  • Hydra Avenue – 1 Swimming Pool – PD Level

Prayer Room: (Male Rooms Available- Open 7 days a week)


  • Hydra Avenue – Basement Level 
  • Marina Bay Ground Level 
  • Horizon Tower Ground Level – Retail Area 

Marina Square Function Rooms: 

  • Building 1 – 3 Rooms – Level 2
  • Building 2 – 4 Rooms – Level 2
  • Building 4 – 1 Room – Level 3
  • Building 5 – 1 Room – Level 3
  • Building 6 – 1 Room – Level 3
  • Building 10 – 2 Rooms – Level 1
  • Building 11 – 2 Rooms – Leve 1

The shared facilities (apart from the function Halls) are restricted to the Tower residents only. 

Moving In & Tawtheeq

You are kindly requested to register in Kingfield Community Office through:  

City of Lights: 

  • Email – wecare@kingfield.com
  • In person at the City of Lights Community Management Office (Omega-Level2) 

Marina Square: 

  • Email –wecare@kingfield.com 
  • In person at the Marina Square Community Management Office (Al Durrah-Level2) 

Move-In required documents: 

Contract under Individual Tenant: 

Copy of Clear and Valid Tenancy Contract (if Tenant)  

Copy of Title Deed (if Owner)  

Copy of Tenant’s passport with visa  

Copy of Tenant’s Emirates ID  

Registration forms to be filled and signed  

Chilled Water Security Deposit for:

  • Studio – AED 2000  
  • 1 Bedroom – AED 2000  
  • 2 Bedroom – AED 3000  
  • 3 Bedroom – AED 4000  
  • 4 Bedroom / Villa / Townhouse – AED 7000  
  • Retail & Office – AED 10000 

Tawtheeq Fee AED 750 (if required)

Contract under Company Name: 

Copy of Tenancy Contract  

Copy of Valid company Trade License  

Copy of Signatory Passport  

Copy of Signatory power of Attorney  

Copy of Occupant’s Passport and Emirates ID  

Letter from the company with the occupant name  

Registration forms to be filled and signed  

Chilled Water Security Deposit for: 

  • Studio – AED 2000  
  • 1 Bedroom – AED 2000  
  • 2 Bedroom – AED 3000  
  • 3 Bedroom – AED 4000  
  • 4 Bedroom / Villa / Townhouse – AED 7000  
  • Retail & Office – AED 10000 

Tawtheeq Fee AED 750 (if required) 

“Tawtheeq” is a project launched by Abu Dhabi Municipality to register leasable property details and tenancy contracts using cutting-edge technologies to establish an official, accurate and unified database of all leasable properties and tenancy contracts. 

To permit and facilitate the Tawtheeq Request, the tenant has to make sure that the owner has no outstanding on both the community service & capacity charge accounts.  

 Click here for a detailed step-by-step guide on how to obtain your Tawtheeq document. 

No. All such activities must be done using the designated service elevators.

Moving Out

Yes, to issue the move-out permission we require the following:

  • Acknowledgement & NOC must be obtained from the landlord that he/she is aware of the move-out and has no objection to the same. 
  • AC Consumption Clearance: Tenant to visit community office to request for the final AC Consumption Bill which will be issued on the same day of move out, and settle the chilled water consumption In case of the security deposit paid to the community office, the resident may request to adjust his bill against the deposit and refund the balance if any. 
    1. The refund takes a minimum of 15 working days.  
    2. Email to be sent to: 
  • Complete your Tawtheeq Closure procedures 
  • Note: In order to avoid any inconvenience, residents are requested to plan to process all the above a few days in advance. 

Kindly contact the Community Management office before time to avoid any inconvenience 



Yes. Generally, you will have to apply to the Community Manager for a fit out permit before seeking approval from the Abu Dhabi Municipality (ADM). Depending on the nature of these works, an application fee and works security deposit might be applicable. For more details, please refer to the Fit-Out Team for further details contactus@tafawuq.ae

It is advisable to contact the community management for any minor works to avoid any inconvenience.

Community Manager

Kingfield Communities has been appointed by the Developer, to manage, operate and maintain the shared facilities of City of Lights and Marina Square, which include the podium, swimming pools, gyms, roads, landscape and promenade.

Kingfield will be managing, operating and maintaining the community. This includes: 

  • Managing the accounts and financials of the Master Community 
  • Operating and maintaining the Shared Facilities through the provision of services such as security, cleaning and landscaping etc 
  • Administrative and secretarial services of the Master Community 
  • Community management (enforcement of rules & regulations, community activities etc.) 

City of Lights Community Office 

T: 02- 6527777 (From 08:00 AM to 05:00 PM – Monday to Friday) 

Omega Tower- Second Floor 


Marina Square Community Office 

T: 02- 619 3333 (From 08:00 AM to 05:00 PM – Monday to Friday) 

 Al Durrah Tower- Second Floor 


Contact Center 

 T: +971 (0) 2 403 6933 (24hrs / 7 days a week) 


Community Charges

The Community Charge is collected from all unit owners to cover the cost of operation, management, maintenance, and replacement of all assets in the Shared Facilities within the Master Community. 

The Community Charge includes: 

General fund – Daily operating expenses for upkeep & management of Shared Facilities 

Facilities Sinking fund – Capital replacement expenses 

Services and maintenance: operational expenses including Mechanical Electrical Plumbing (MEP) reactive and corrective maintenance; Life Safety and fire protection systems; cleaning, security, lifts, landscaping, pest control, etc. 
Utilities: ADDC electricity charges, water and sewage charges, chilled water capacity, and consumption for common areas. 
Management fee: Community Management Fee  for  the  Administration,  Operational Management, Consultancy, and Legal services provided to and on behalf of the community. 
Building insurance: it is a cost of insuring the property’s common area and as 
Sinking fund: it is a fund collected over time to ensure the tower’s future ability to replace common assets at the end of its expected life 
Master Community Cost: operational cost for the master community such as infrastructure, underground services, sewerage networks, roads, pavements, street lighting, landscaping, waste management, and other municipal types 
District Community Charge: it is a cost paid to the Reem Island Municipal Authority and is the community’s contribution towards the greater infrastructure maintenance of Reem 

Owners must recognize their obligations in the interest of the property and wider community settling any outstanding dues. Without these funds being collected the tower and the community will not have adequate funds to ensure the continuation of services, and utilities and address its obligations. If owners do not pay their service charge, the management will run short of funds to maintain the community and in time it may not be able to provide basic services such as paying for common area utilities (electricity and water), insurance, waste management, maintain critical systems or lifts. 

No. It only covers the utility cost for common areas (i.e. Shared Facilities).

The Sinking Fund also known as Reserve Fund is used for unforeseen expenses and/or the cyclical replacement of capital items. Examples are lift motors, pumps, access control systems, generators, etc.

The Community Charge is determined on an annual basis jointly by the Developer and Kingfield. This budgeting exercise is carried out based on a detailed estimate of the expenses to be incurred.

Yes. Different buildings have different community charge rates due to differences in area sizes and operational requirements. This will ensure that the unit owner will not be overcharged with any costs not related to their property. 

The Community Charges invoices are issued to all owners at the beginning of each year, and owners may pay the invoice quarterly as per the due dates mentioned on the invoice.

Yes, the community charge can be paid yearly in a provisional manner 

If you wish to pay your service charges and require a payment plan, please contact the Kingfield Communities office on the provided contact details to discuss payment options. 

As a property owner, you would have signed a SPA when you purchased your property, and is subject to a master developer declaration. The declaration states all owners are legally obliged to pay service charges. Owners who continue to leave their service charges unpaid will have their property marked as a defaulting property and this may result in the following: 
A late payment fee of 12% per Annum (1% monthly) can be imposed against the defaulting property. Limitations and restrictions on selling a property A legal action against the unit owner. 

You may make payment through the following channels: 
Quick Pay Option: You can now access and view your online account and pay direct to your community bank account using Kingfield Quick Pay by credit/debit MasterCard or Visa Visit: https://quickpay.propezy.com/#/ or click on the image below to take you directly to Quick Pay. 

An automatic receipt will be sent directly to your registered email address without the need to send us the confirmation of your payment and/or travel to a Community office or Bank with cash or cheques.  All you need is your email ID, or your phone or account number. 
Online Portal by logging in with your user name and password to wecare@kingfield.com

Cheque – addressed to “Three Sixty Communities Estate LLC” Bank Transfer FAB ATM machines 



The Community Charge is reviewed yearly and is subject to increase or decrease depending on the actual returns and expenses of the community. Service charges are subject to change from year to year due to many factors such as the expiration of various warranties and the defective liabilities period, additional maintenance costs, and increase in tariffs from the regulatory authorities (ADDC, ADM, district cooling plans, etc.) This will be explained in detail in the yearly service budget report issued to all the owners. All unit owners will be notified accordingly of any changes in the Community Charge rates. 

Security & Access

Yes. Each tower has installed a security system in the building for parking and lift access.  

Lift access to your unit and shared le 

Access to certain shared facilities (g. gymnasium)

Yes. 24/7 security services are provided for each building. Daily patrol (both vehicle & foot patrol) of external areas is also be carried out.

Yes, you may apply for an additional access card. Each card will cost AED 250. 


Included in the Community Charge is a premium for structural insurance of the building and your unit. However, please note that the home contents are not covered in this insurance (e.x. furniture, electrical appliances, households, etc). Also an incident like a fire that originates in your apartment, may not cover the damage caused. It is the responsibility of each individual owner to make the necessary arrangements. Kingfield Communities strongly encourages all unit owners to have separate insurance for their home content.

Balconies /Terraces /Garden Areas

Hanging of laundry outside on windows, balconies, or other outdoor areas visible to other residents from the street or ground level of a neighbouring lot or the shared facilities is not permitted. This is to maintain the overall image of the community. The local authorities in Abu Dhabi also prohibit the drying of laundry in public.

Erection of such structures is considered a major fit-out works. Please submit a formal fit-out application to Kingfield Communities Office where we will be able to advise accordingly. Please send your inquiry to wecare@kingfield.com 

Your unit is cable-TV ready and UTT Etisalat is the appointed service provider for Reem Island.

Community Events

Corporate, Community, Social, Interactive, CSR, Family, Sports and Educational Events, Workshops, and Initiatives. Kingfield Leisure also specializes in organizing birthday parties, social gatherings, festive events, and weddings.

We aim to host an event/initiative once a month. During the cooler seasons, October throughout March, we target holding two events per month. 

Our events target a diverse audience and can cater to a niche market or the general community depending on the event’s nature. 

Events are usually free of charge or have a nominal entrance fee based on the nature of the event. 

Some events are restricted to residents of the community while other events are open to friends and family of our community members.

We usually advertise our events on the following platforms throughout the community: Notice Boards, Security Desks, Community Portals, Elevator Screens, Kingfield Community Offices, and Emails. Please keep an eye out so you don’t miss out.  

Following us on our social media pages will help you stay up to date on all the events Kingfield Leisure organizes throughout the region:  

Not all events require registration; however, for events that require registration, you can email wecare@kingfield.com or contact our call centre at 800 360

Spots are limited at some of our events. To ensure fair treatment, we usually reserve bookings on a first-come first-serve basis, so act fast! 

Yes, please email us at  wecare@kingfield.com or contact the call centre at 800 360 and we will be happy to assist. 

 Kingfield Leisure currently offers the following fitness classes: Bootcamp, Swimming (Private, School), and Personal Training within the City of Lights Community. We are currently working on expanding the number of classes offered. 

Yes, please email wecare@kingfield.com contact the call center at 800 360 and we will be happy to assist. 

Re-selling Your Unit

  • Instruction from the developer (via email)  
  • The assignment of charges form filled and signed by the two parties (Buyer & Seller).  
  • This form should clearly reflect the date of transfer. You may submit it to the community office in person or by email to: 
  • Passport copy (and visa if applicable) of the buyer to be provided  
  • Any outstanding on the Community Charges / Capacity Charges are to be settled in addition to a 6-month advance payment for the Community Charges (to be paid by the seller).