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Kingfield Communities

Kingfield Communities is involved in the day-to-day administration and management of the building’s common areas as it relates to the Jointly Owned Property Law of Dubai, Law 6.  This includes but is not limited to the following; 

  • Service charge budgeting  
  • Management of Escrow Accounts & Collection of service charge funds 
  • Billing and collection of chilled water dues, if applicable. 
  • Compliance with Authority directives  
  • Secretarial services  
  • Management of Facilities Management and other Service Providers 
  • Management of Common Areas & Common Facilities  
  • Handling of insurance claims concerning common areas  
  • Customer Relationship Management  
  • By-Law Enforcement & Amendment 

You may contact us through the following channels:  

Contact Center (24/7)  

T: 800-KINGFIELD (800-546434353)

International Contact No: +971 (0)4 383 0999  

E: happiness@kingfield.com


The Owners Association is only responsible to insure the community/building for its full replacement value which includes building common area assets, infrastructure and Owner’s Liability (public liability), as it relates to injury on common property.  The community/building insurance however does not cover contents and public liability inside the unit.  This is the responsibility of the owner and or tenant. Kingfield Communities strongly encourages all unit owners or tenants to have a separate insurance policy for their home contents.

Community Rules

Community Rules are set for the management and administration of the common property in line with authority guidelines and industry best practices. These rules are established to create a harmonious and safe living environment for the owners and residents using the community facilities. The community rules cover a vast spectrum of subjects ranging from Pets, Parking, Balcony usage and Parties to Fit outs, Events, Pools, etc. Violation of any Community Rules will be uniformly enforced, with a Notice of Violation and applicable penalties. You can download the Community Rules from the Kingfield OA Portal happiness@kingfield.com.

Car Parking

No. All parking bays are alloted to each unit as stipulated on the title deed. 

 There are available car spaces for sale or lease in some communities.  You may contact the community management team for information.

Please inform the security staff at the building reception or security patrol immediately. They will contact the violator and/or issue a temporary alternative. 

There are designated loading/unloading points located for each building. You may ask the security staff about the loading bay nearest to your building.

For some communities a car washing company is appointed to provide this service at direct cost to the user. Please contact security for more information.

Usage of Common Facilities

Each community has varied facilities, such as gyms, spas, saunas, swimming pools, community lounges, play courts and kids’ play areas. This information is available in the Jointly Owned Property Declaration of your community. Or you can check with the community concierge or security staff for more details on the facilities specific to your community. 

Community Pool and other facilities are exclusively for the use of residents only. In order to maintain the privacy and rights of the owners and residents who pay for using these amenities through the service charges or unit rent, we do not permit the use of these facilities by non-residents

Moving Out

 Kingfield Communities will issue a move-out permit to allow you to move out of the community. You may submit your request by completing the form in the link: Move Out Request 

Below are the required documents to be submitted: 

  • No Objection Confirmation from Owner by e-mail from the owner’s registered e-mail address in the system or NOC letter along with the Emirates ID or Passport copy of the owner for signature verification. 
  • Security Deposit cheque 
  • Final Bill payment of End User air conditioning account OR Confirmation from owner’s registered e-mail address that the owner will be responsible to pay the final bill (if applicable). 

Kingfield Communities will issue a move-out permit to allow you to move furniture and other items out of the community. Kindly contact the Community Management team 5 days before your planned move-out date to avoid any inconvenience.

Resale Process

Kingfield Communities will issue a Clearance Certificate to the Developer for issuance of the resale NOC or a NOC for resale for communities with no Developer as required by the Land Department or DIFC Registrar. It will take approximately 24 to 48 hours after clearance of funds and receipt of all required documents as noted below. You may contact the community management team to apply for a Financial Clearance or resale NOC.

Resale Clearance Certificate requirements: 

  • Title Deed copy of Seller  
  • Copy of Sales Purchase Agreement (SPA) from Dubai Land Department or Memorandum of Understanding (MOU)  
  • Passport, visa, Emirates ID copy of Buyer and Seller  
  • Contact Details of Buyer – completed contact details form with buyer’s details Buyer to sign a letter of undertaking (once service charge advance payment is made, usually one quarter in advance)  
  • Seller’s Power of Attorney (if applicable) 

Fit-Out Works

Yes. A fit-out process is in place for each community and relevant documentation with drawings depending on the planned unit modifications must be shared for approval. A permit to work will need to be issued before any amendments are made. You may start your application by completing the form and submitting the required documents at the following link: Fit-out request 

It is advisable to contact community management for approval in advance for any minor works to avoid any inconvenience.


Service Charges and Utility Charges

Service Charges are each property owner’s contribution calculated in proportion to the Owner’s share of the Common Areas. The service charges cover but are not limited to maintenance, management, security, upkeep, renewal, repair, insurance, replacement of the roads, landscaped areas and all other common areas constituting the common property of the development. Service Charges comprise of two parts:  

 General Fund – relates to general day to day management and maintenance of the property, such as MEP (mechanical, electrical and plumbing), cleaning and security.  It includes common area utilities such as electricity, water, sewage, chilled water where applicable and other authority requirements such as insurance, master community service charges and Civil Defense subscriptions.  

 Reserve/Sinking Fund – Amount accumulating over time and is used for property improvements and capital expenditure. This may be required to replace capital assets such as elevators, pumps etc.

The Dubai Land Department, through its regulatory arm Real Estate Regulatory Authority (RERA), has launched a first-of-its-kind e-system called Mollak (the Arabic word for Owners). It will provide a portfolio of electronic services to preserve and protect the rights of individual owners and organizations in the real estate sector. It provides a new and integrated system to monitor accounts related to service charges. Further details can be found on the Dubai Land Department website: https://www.dubailand.gov.ae/ 

A budget is prepared by Kingfield Communities for each year based on contract values (based on the approved tender proposal for each service), building improvements (where these may be planned for the future), expected utility charges (i.e. DEWA bills estimate based on previous actual expenses and market expectations of increase provisions) etc.  It is important to understand that the budget set for each individual year is based on expected costs.  Sometimes this may be under or over actual expenses for the same year.  

 The budgets for Communities under RERA are reviewed by a RERA approved Auditor prior to approval in the Mollak System. For DIFC Communities, the budgets are approved by the DIFC Registrar and subsequently approved by the Owners at the Annual General Assembly.  

The budget generally comprises of below items: 
Services and Maintenance: This includes Mechanical Electrical Plumbing (MEP) & Building Maintenance; Life Safety and Fire Protection Systems; Statutory Requirements and Authority Fees, 3rd Party Inspection and Certification; Cleaning, Security, Lifts, Landscaping, Pest Control, etc.  

 Utilities: Includes DEWA charges (electricity, water and sewerage) and chilled water capacity charge and consumption in the common areas.  

 Management Fee: Community Management Fee for the Administration and Operational Management provided to and on behalf of the community.  

 Building insurance: it is the cost of insuring the property’s common areas and assets.  

 Reserve/Sinking fund: it is a fund collected over time to ensure the building’s future ability to replace common assets at the end of its expected life.  

 Master Community Cost: operational cost for the master community such as infrastructure, underground services, sewerage networks, roads, pavements, street lighting, landscaping, waste management and other municipal type services.  

 In-unit Cooling Charges: this relates to the in-unit consumption of cooling charges. 

If an in-unit cooling charge is not billed in a separate invoice via individual British Thermal Unit (BTU) meters by a service provider (e.g. Logic Utilities, Ista Utilities, Kingfield Energy etc) directly to the owner/tenant. This will be included in the service charge invoice as a separate line item. You can find this listed as “Additional Fees” on your invoice. 

It is essential that owners recognize their obligations in the interest of the property and broader community by settling any outstanding service charges. Without these funds being collected, the building and the community will not have adequate funds to ensure continuation of services, utilities and address its obligations.  

If owners do not pay their service charge, the management will run short of funds to maintain the community and may not be able to provide basic services such as paying for common area utilities (electricity and water), insurance, waste management, maintain critical systems or lifts. 

No. It only covers the utilities cost for common areas (i.e. Shared Facilities).

Service charges are invoiced to owners in quarterly installments in advance.

Yes. You can pay your service charges in advance based on the last invoice issued. If the last invoice sent out was on a provisional basis, there will be an adjustment in the next invoice. Resulting in either a credit or a balance payable outstanding on your account

In the event that the property owner fails to pay the prescribed fees even after the due reminder notice, under the new law 6 of 2019, the management company shall be entitled to escalate such units to the Dispute Center for further action by the authority. 

You can make direct payments to the Owners’ Association bank account details mentioned on your invoice and statement of account. You can also pay online conveniently via the Kingfield OA Portal or Quickpay by using the following link https://quickpay.propezy.com/#/

Service charges are subject to change from year to year depending on maintenance requirements of your community as well as authority directives.

You are able to make payments via online channels such as a direct transfer to the community escrow bank account, or you can also pay using the Kingfield OA Portal or QuickPay by using the following link – https://quickpay.propezy.com/#/

You may download your service charge statement by logging into your account at happiness@kingfield.com.

Moving In

Kingfield Communities will issue a move-in permit to allow you to move into the community. You can request to get a permit by registering on the Kingfield OA Portal happiness@kingfield.com Once the application is approved, you will receive your electronic Move in Permit, and the service elevator (if applicable for your building) will be booked. If you do not have a Move-in Permit, security will not permit you to move into the building. Passenger elevators are strictly prohibited from moving any items. 

Below are the required documents to be submitted:  

Tenancy under an Individual: 

  • Copy of Tenancy Contract / Ejari Certificate  
  • Copy of Passport with Visa  
  • Copy of Emirates ID  
  • Security Deposit cheque  
  • Confirmation of service charge settlement  
  • Fit out completion certificate (if applicable)  
  • Chilled water registration confirmation (if applicable)

Tenancy under a Company name:

  • Copy of Tenancy Contract / Ejari Certificate  
  • Copy of Valid Company Trade License  
  • Copy of Signatory Passport or Copy of Signatory Power of Attorney  
  • Authorization letter from the company with the occupant name  
  • Copy of Occupant’s Passport with Visa and Emirates ID  
  • Security Deposit cheque  
  • Confirmation of service charge settlement  
  • Fit out completion certificate (if applicable)  
  • Chilled water registration confirmation (if applicable) 

Yes. Owners are requested to contact the community management team for the required documents and to settle the relevant service charges.

Building/ Parking Access Cards

Yes. Each community would have installed an access control system for parking or facilities access or both. An access card would be required to have access to the parking and other facilities of the community.

You may apply by completing the form and submitting the required documents at the following link. Parking/Community Access Device Request

Parking access cards are issued as per the number of parking bays assigned for each unit.

This is dependent on the policy established for access card issuance for your specific community. Usually, no extra access cards are provided except for the replacement of damaged and lost cards.